Sunday, 17 July 2011

Snow, hot chocolate & staying in.

In the middle of summer i am already begging winter to come sooner. I should be out tanning and sitting in sun. But yeah, remember i'm from Scotland. Sun is like a foreign disease. Okay i'm exaggerating but it's pretty uncommon for sunshine in Scotland. As soon as us Scots feel a ray of warmness we treat it like a holiday, tanning, ice cream, mowing the garden. We go all outttt.

Enough talk about our shitty weather. I'm not a weather blogger.

Winter/Autumn is definitely my favourite seasons. And here's why!

Autumn, for starters has beautiful reddy/purple leaves that start to fall of and scatter themselves along the street It's so amazing and that feeling of festiveness starts to crawl in. Pretty scarves and thick tights, ugh and woolly hats. So amazing! Then of course Winter starts and you sit in your room hopeful for snow. Foggy weather where it's so thick you get that excited feeling of walking through it (Just me?). Plus, two words: HOT CHOCOLATE. Nothing is better than staying in on a winter's day and drinking hot chocolate while watching a shit load of movies! And s'mores, fuck me.

This is a picture from our winter last night, how deep is that snow?! It was amazing, while taking this we were treading up to Tesco. Braving the vicious winds for hair dye. Good friend, i know. P.s, check out the photo cock blocker. Walked right into my shot with her Tesco bags.

OH and what else comes round during these times?

Halloween, Christmas and if you're counting my birthday ;) (12th of Jan *hint hint*)

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, i don't do much for it anymore but i love seeing costumes and pumpkins and so much sweets it gets sickening to look at! I think this years i'll dress up just for the hell of it.

There is no need to talk about why Christmas is fucking gold.

PLUS i have the most amazing ideas for presents for Megan and Joanna, they will be perfect! I'm not going to mention anything but lets just say Harry Potter and Japanese sweets. Nom.

Winter inspiration!

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