Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My hair is like a lion's mane today and I'm frazzled with the amount of studying and homework I have to do. I have to finish a psychology method and I'm so confused. I had to pick the worst/difficult subject for my tiny brain. I got my best friend's birthday present today and I think she'll love it so I'm happy about that! I don't think I've ever did a face post haha.. Not looking my best today but whatever.

We have a little thing planned for her birthday, we have lots of colour sweets and were going to make her a cake I think!

Never made a personal post like this but oh well, Time to start my homework!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Music Monday.

I've seen a few bloggers do this and I decided this would be a really fun thing to do on Mondays if I have time. I'm always coming across songs -old and new- that I end up obsessing over for a few weeks or so, So without further ado, Here's my weekly obsessions.

WhitewidoW - "Reprobate Romance feat. Nicholas Matthews"

Gym Class Heroes - "Martyrial Girl$"

Kimya Dawson - "The Beer"

Evanescence - "What You Want"

Fink - "This Is The Thing"

Friends, friends, friends.

Although everyone says this; I truly believe my best friends will ALWAYS be there for me. Sure, We fall out over stupid things and curse eachother down but what make it different is we ALWAYS make up and I know I can count on them when most needed. The second I need them, there they are. I was sitting in the halls today with them and somehow in my least finest hour they managed to make me laugh. So much shit has happened recently and it's nice to know your friends will always carry through.

The image used was taken by yours truly during photography, It's 'le best friend's hands.