Thursday, 21 July 2011

Shoe porn.

We'll keep marching on.

So there it is. My childhood over. Finally saw the last harry potter! It was so incredible, i cried all through it and was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Everyone i was with was crying their eyes out haha!

I got these in an American candy store. RASPBERRY MARSHMALLOW FLUFF. It is the greatest thing ever! I had it on toast earlier, yum. Tastes like cake. AND i had a Pez Hello Kitty sweet thing, so cool. I haven't had one of these since i was younger and Megan and i used to buy them all the time..

I'm so happy. I can still get away with a child, even though i looked quite old today! Success. Fuck paying £4.10!


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Lust list.

Clothing I love but will never be able to find/afford to own all of it until I sell my soul, So enjoy my materialistic side.


Like, Barney Stinson, You must have a playlist of awesomeness to get you in a really good mood. Like Before you go out for party.. you just play your music so loud you can feel the ground moving, your singing loudly and even some incredibly embarrassing group dance moves are involved. THAT'S GETTING PSYCHED UP. So here's my mix of songs that get me, well, psyched.

1. Weightless - All Time Low.

This song is just amazing. You always feel so good when Alex sings: 'Maybe it's not my weekend, but it's gonna be my year'. Got such a good message to it and when you are singing it out full blast you feel great.

2. House Music - Benny Benassi.

I pretty much dislike dance music but this songs makes me so hyper i can't help but bring out the 'ol Jersey Shore fist pump. This song actually started of as a personal joke between my best friends and i. We were listing to it from Tap Tap Revenge and we could not stop laughing, therefore it is out party theme tune.

3. What's My Age Again? - Blink 182.

There is no need to explain why this song is fucking great. It's ridiculous catchy lyrics and an easy to join in chorus. I just love how they never grow up during each album it's all still the same old pop punk. Amazing.

4. Lost in Stereo - All Time Low.

I know what you are thinking. 'All Time Low again, really?' Yes, really. This song is fantastic and you want to dance to it all night. Plus it has lots of little bits where you have to sing it in a perfect Gaskarth voice. Plus, the guitars during the chorus are just orgasmic.

5. Fat Lip - Sum 41.

Just the lyrics is enough to explain why this song is rad. 'TRASHED MY OWN HOUSE PARTY BECAUSE NOBODY CAME'. It's a perfect teen angst song. Singing this song really fast and jumping up in the air just makes it a Get Psyched song. Beer in one hand and your hand around your friend's neck, this is the anthem.

6. Head Automatic - Beating Hearts Baby.

For starters, the build up. The drums before it he goes 'YOUUUU', Anyone who listens to this song has to play air drums and head bang. It's so catchy and singing it in an exaggerating voice makes it so much better. This is one of my favourite songs, EVER. Top 5 most definitely.

7. The Art of Losing - American High-Fi.

As said before, teen angst is written all over this song. Misunderstood teens and trashy guitar solos. Perfection.

8. Like it's Her Birthday - Good Charlotte.


There we go, you are officially psyched. You are welcome.

Teenage love.

So here's the question: What is teenage love?

Some describe it as a magical, heart racing, wonderful, fantastic feeling you get when you find someone who you are deeply compatible with and you's just 'clicked'. Others describe it as a stupid, unrealistic thing that was only invented to hurt.

Everything has a different view on it. My view? No need to get your heart deep into such a commitment at such a young age.

I believe people can fall in love during their teenage years, i've seen it happen. There's no denying 'love' has gotten itself around like an STD. The only problem is those few people that decide to throw the word around like it's fucking nothing. Or and i'm talking about some guy's, don't freak! I've seen a few guy's just move on from girl to girl, constantly saying the same thing about each of them. Either they're hoping for something or they fall for someone faaaaar too quickly. Which is never good let's face it. From my view, it seems girls are breaking hearts far more than guy's which overrules the stereotype of 'guy's just want to break your heart'. Not true, there are some VERY nice guys out there. Or, you see the girl who's fallen head over heels for some guy who appears nice but really will just treat them like shit and fuck them over until they're left with broken pieces. Serious commitment at this age just seems silly, if you find someone you like? date them, enjoy their company but do not go around acting like a married couple and start compromising yourself for them.

You see girl's and guy's on facebook changing their status to 'In a Relationship' and they act as if it's the only thing they have going for them. Just because you are with someone does not mean you should make them your life priority. YOU should always be YOUR first priority.

I'm usually seen as 'unromantic', 'too closed up' or 'heartless'.
Just because i don't see the point of falling so deeply in love you have to start acting disgustingly cheesy and romantic. Apparently i need to open up.

But why is that? Why shouldn't i be aloud to guard myself from heartache and hurt?

I'm an independent person, i always have been. I enjoy looking out for myself, that shouldn't be seen as negative.

I'm not saying i won't ever fall in love. Because i could. I could be walking about town tomorrow and see someone and fall so deeply in love and i become everything i hate. If it happens, it happens. But i am 16!! I don't need all that at my age, i should be enjoying myself instead of hopelessly falling from one relationship to another desperately searching for 'The One'. Hello? Need i mention again... I AM 16. I have just started the best years of my life.

That's the problem with my generation and 'love'. People try and find it, in hope of some wonderful expectation of first kisses, staring deeply into each others eyes, holding hands along a beach. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

And of course, everyone has someone they're interested in. You just need to take it step by step and don't sail of in a frenzy love attack on your naive little heart.

Sorry for such a short, mind numbing post. I just had to get it out!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Tim Burton inspiration.

The love i have for Tim Burton can be compared to a chocolate addict to Willy Wonka. He is so bold and creative you can't help but fall for his unique direction and crazy drawings. Growing up, i have always watched his movies. The first one i watched was 'Nightmare before Christmas' I actually don't know how many times I've seen this movie!

He is fantastic. So I've decided to create a whole post dedicated to his movies and art.

Will someone tell what/where the fuck this is?! Seriously.

I found these on the internet, It said these were a Tim Burton view on Disney Princesses so i have no idea if he draw them himself but whatever, they are awesome.

“After I earned the part of Mrs. Lovett via the traditional route of a lengthy audition process, Tim came to my kitchen looking shocked. ‘I found this original drawing from 20 years ago,’ he said. ‘It looks like you and Johnny. I drew you before I knew you existed.’ Everything starts with a drawing. From one tiny picture grows a great big moving one. God knows, maybe he drew me into existence. Although my parents might contest that.”

- Helena Bonham Carter - The Art of Tim Burton book.

*These were mostly taken from: Tumblr and Weheartit. If any of them are your pictures, message and credit will be rightly given.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Snow, hot chocolate & staying in.

In the middle of summer i am already begging winter to come sooner. I should be out tanning and sitting in sun. But yeah, remember i'm from Scotland. Sun is like a foreign disease. Okay i'm exaggerating but it's pretty uncommon for sunshine in Scotland. As soon as us Scots feel a ray of warmness we treat it like a holiday, tanning, ice cream, mowing the garden. We go all outttt.

Enough talk about our shitty weather. I'm not a weather blogger.

Winter/Autumn is definitely my favourite seasons. And here's why!

Autumn, for starters has beautiful reddy/purple leaves that start to fall of and scatter themselves along the street It's so amazing and that feeling of festiveness starts to crawl in. Pretty scarves and thick tights, ugh and woolly hats. So amazing! Then of course Winter starts and you sit in your room hopeful for snow. Foggy weather where it's so thick you get that excited feeling of walking through it (Just me?). Plus, two words: HOT CHOCOLATE. Nothing is better than staying in on a winter's day and drinking hot chocolate while watching a shit load of movies! And s'mores, fuck me.

This is a picture from our winter last night, how deep is that snow?! It was amazing, while taking this we were treading up to Tesco. Braving the vicious winds for hair dye. Good friend, i know. P.s, check out the photo cock blocker. Walked right into my shot with her Tesco bags.

OH and what else comes round during these times?

Halloween, Christmas and if you're counting my birthday ;) (12th of Jan *hint hint*)

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, i don't do much for it anymore but i love seeing costumes and pumpkins and so much sweets it gets sickening to look at! I think this years i'll dress up just for the hell of it.

There is no need to talk about why Christmas is fucking gold.

PLUS i have the most amazing ideas for presents for Megan and Joanna, they will be perfect! I'm not going to mention anything but lets just say Harry Potter and Japanese sweets. Nom.

Winter inspiration!


So this will is my first post on my first blog.

Well, hi. I'm Caitlin.

This blog will mostly be used to keep a blog of my best memories.

This is also the most awkward post ever, i have no idea what i'm doing but hopefully i'll get the hang of it! :) I'll change my blog and make it all pretty soon, but right now it's 25 to 1 and i am tired as fuckkkk.